"The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts"

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You might be asking yourself, "Why did I even bother to click on this page?" After all, "It's a 'no-brainer.' Practically every school kid has heard of the statement...'The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts'...and they could all probably very easily tell you what it means."

Most People Fail When Trying To Change A 'Part' Of Their Body Because They Do Not Realize That To Effectively Change The'Part' They Must Change Their Body As A 'Whole.'

'Parts' Have Functions...So, The Function Of The 'Whole' Results From The Combination Of The Functions Of The 'Parts.'

Everything In The Universe Is, At One Level Or Another, Nothing But A 'Part' Of A 'Whole,' While At Another Level It Is Also A 'Whole' Composed Of 'Part.'

The 'Whole Being Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts' Works Differently For Humans Than It Does For Non-Living Things!

So, How Did I Transform My Body By Tapping Into 'The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts'?

It All Sounds So Complicated, But It's Not!

Okay. So exactly what is this 'difference' between living organisms and inanimate objects, the 'difference' which will help us change our bodies?

The process of adaption to the surroundings of a given tissue or 'part' of the 'whole' is responsible for the adaptability and creation of life itself!

By tapping into this adaptive ability of living tissues you have amazing control over the processes of life itself, heretofore never thought to be under our voluntary control!

I would say, perhaps...perhaps they might think they know what it means. And let's say they...or you...did have an inkling of an idea. In such case I could rather confidently still tell you that your understanding of this statement is very likely rather narrow and confined to only certain circumstances. I could say that you're still missing the full and complete and most important meaning, that which can be 'life-saving' and 'total body transforming'!

...Yes, I can say this rather confidently, especially because if people did understand the statement's full and complete meaning and the ramifications of all this, those people would already have had a huge start in having been able able to make the kind of transformation I made. And few people, I would venture to say, have been able to do so, to make such a change, let alone maintain it with a 'youthfulness' well into old age.

Let me explain...

Most People Fail When Trying To Change A 'Part' Of Their Body Because They Do Not Realize That To Effectively Change The'Part' They Must Change Their Body As A 'Whole.'


The common understanding is that when you're referring to the 'whole' of something, like a car, it automatically encompasses the idea that the 'whole,' the car, is composed of 'parts.' In other words, a bunch of 'parts' working together is what makes up the 'whole.'

Okay, fine. Another way of saying this is that the 'whole' car is a combination of many 'parts,' with things like the carbeurator, the fuel pump, the steering wheel, the seats, the motor, and so on being the 'parts' which work or function or interrelate together to make up the car which you drive in. You cannot take a drive somewhere with just one or a few 'parts' of the car, but you can drive somewhere in the 'whole' car. Okay...on the surface, simple enough.

But I can tell you this, that 'the whole being the sum of its parts' is one of the most profound of concepts describing how the universe works at all levels of organization. And what I mean by 'organization' is that 'parts' are combined and organized together to form what I would refer to as 'an organized whole.'



...In other words, the 'parts' aren't just put together helter-skelter. Each part in and ofitself has its own function, and it is the unique combination of the functions of the parts which, in turn, creates an altogether new function that didn't exist before the parts were put together, that new function being that of the 'whole.'Actually, 'organized systems' like this, wherein functions of parts interrelate together to form new functions, encompass the structure and workings of almost everything in the universe...from atoms functioning together to make up molecules , from molecules functioning together to make up chemical compounds, from compounds working together to make up new materials like iron or steel, or rocks...and on a larger scale, from planets interrelating together traveling in a circular fashion around stars to make up solar systems, from stars working and interrelating and functioning together to make up galaxies, and from galaxies working and functioning together to make up the universe.

In other words, everything in the universe is, at one level or another, nothing but a 'part' of a 'whole,' while at the same time at another level it is also a 'whole' composed of its own multiple 'parts.'

The interesting and actually most amazing thing about all this,

and one of the main 'keys' to total body transformation and which few people or scientists or whatever have thought about or realize, is that...

...These Organized Systems Work Differently Whether We're Referring To Inanimate, Non-Living Aspects Of The Universe Or To Living Organisms Which Are Made Up, Of Course, Of living Tissue!

...In other words, 'the whole being the sum of its parts' works differently for living as opposed to non-living aspects of the universe. And knowing and understanding and then applying this difference is one of the main 'keys' to being able to undergo total body transformation and being able to maintain one's body 'youthfully' into older age!!

Remember, the human body is composed of tens of thousands and millions upon millions of organized systems functioning at different levels. For example, various kinds of living tissues which are in turn composed of different kinds of cells, combine together to form organs like that of bones, muscles, the liver, the kidneys, and the heart or lungs, while at the same time, at a higher level of organization, the various organ systems like that of the skeletal or muscular or cardiovascular or respiratory systems combine together to form entire organisms, like that of the human being.

So again, the only way possible to dramatically and effectively have control over living tissue so as to make dramatic change, such as total body transformation or the like, is to understand how this process works with living tissues at different levels and how this process differers from that of inanimate aspects of ouruniverse.

Dr. Alterwein Engaged In Mind/Body Techniques Of The 'Whole' Body To Change Various 'Parts' Of The Body!

Photo, Courtesy Of The Video DocuDrama, "Total Body Transformation," By Roy A. Alterwein, M.D.


This 'difference' is what I've discovered and begun to figure out and apply. Actually, as I explain it, this 'difference' will actually turn out to be a 'no-brainer.' But then again, the fact is, the simplest of concepts is often missed. And such has been the case with 'the whole being the sum of its parts.'As you will see, the application of this 'difference,' when transforming the human body to one degree or another, actually changes the way we would do things, such as the way we exercise in a gym, or the nature of the exercises we do, or how we relate exercise and the ingestion of food or however we apply which 'mind/body' techniques while exercising.

For example, if I want to change my bones to prevent demineralizatioin or the onset of osteoporosis, I might do a certain type of exercise or exercises or motions with the goal in mind to change certain bones for the better, but unless I work on the skeletal system commensurate with the way it works and functions with all the other parts and systems of the body (such as that of the muscular system or cardiovascular system or nervous or respiratory systems), I will not be able to effectively change the skeletal system as nature intended it genetically to be changed, so as to function in a coordinated and reciprocal manner with all the other tissues of the body, with some tissues more so than others.

...Therein accounts for why I have been able to make such dramatic change and maintain my body in a youthful state longer than the average person. When I work out or work on a particular part of my body, I do so only in relation to how that particular part interrelates with all the other parts of my body.

This, I agree, seems to be a tall order, especially when the body and its millions upon billions of interrelated parts are so complex.


Simple.I figured out how to tap into 'nature' and how to let 'nature' do all the work...automatically, by simulating eons of genetic inheritance and evolutionary change! If I make the right moves, or motions, or lift a weight (or do a biceps curl or chest press...) in the particular way or ways nature intended it to be done--under the directives of our genes and in accordance to how those motions interrelate with all other aspects and systems of our body (such as the contraction of my muscles working along with my heart and lungs and vascular systems)...well, only then will my body most effectively and efficiently be transformed!

In other words, it simply became a matter of my learning how to simulate ancient's man's evolutionarily directed and genetically controlled motions. And there is no getting around this. After all, throughout millions upon millions of years these motions have been embedded within our genes!


Again, I know all of this sounds somewhat complicated, but it's not. When you first hear something different from the way you have been used to looking at things, at first it appears difficult to understand let alone do. But with further acquaintance and explanation as to the ideas being presented, the ideas, however new or different, will beome more familiar and easier to understand, especially as you go from page to page in this web site and realize, even further, how the different pages interrelate one with the other (just like the tissues of the human body interrelate).

In other words, as with living tissue, as you gain the knowledge of the different pages, you will see how they relate together to create a new 'whole,' which will open up a whole new way of looking at your bodies and minds and how they interrelate with and within the universe. As the pages come together in your mind...you will begin to see things a 'whole' new way, a way you'd likely never dreamed possible!

So, okay now, so what is this 'difference' we've been talking about between living organisms and inanimate objects, the 'difference' which will help us change our bodies?...

Imagine on one hand an auto made up of only ten parts as representative of the inanimate aspect of the universe. And then, on the other hand, also imagine a living organism made up of ten parts of living tissue.

First, let's take the auto. Each part, as I said, has a function. And to make things simple, let's give each part's function a value of 'one.' Thus, when all parts are combined, so too would all functions be combined together to create a new function. It would seem, however, that we would want to add the value of each function together. Ten functions, each with a value of one, would therefore give a total value of ten.

But if the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, one would think the total to somehowbe more than the sum of its parts, or more than ten. This would be like adding ten 'ones' together, and instead of getting ten, you would get eleven or twelve or more, well beyond the logical addition of mathematics.

This evidently is the way inanimate aspects or organized non-living systems within the universe work, and the way the car works. In a sense, each part of a car has a certain level of functioning, but when combined together, the overall functioning of the car becomes amazing in comparison to the level of functioning of each of the parts!

But now, how about living tissue? How does this all differ with living tissue? In this case, each of the ten parts still having been given a value of one, when added together do not mathematically equal ten. But then again, nor do they add up to eleven or twelve, or even fifteen as with non-living objects. Actually, because of the 'difference' from inanimate objects, their addition is almost like an exsplosion of energy, almost like an atomic bomb...wherein a small amount of matter explodes into an inordinately large amount of energy!

...And so too it is with living tissue. The creation of life at each higher level of functioning is like an explosion of the process of addition. Ten 'ones' add up to let's say a thousand or even a million. The function we call living, or life, is beyond amazing, beyond miraculous.

So you ask, why? Why do 'parts' adding up to make 'wholes,' do so so differently?

I said the 'difference' would be simple, and you should now be beginning to understand it. In other words, in a nutshell, the way it works, living tissue has the ability to adapt or change its physical structure. and in turn its level or quality of functioning.

So, as opposed to the 'parts' of a car which still function pretty much the way they did when apart, with living tissue-- depending upon the tissues being brought together, and how they are brought together and under what conditions they are brought together--the living tissues themselves, as 'parts' of the 'whole' organism, become changed both in structure and in function.

In other words, the tissues change or adapt to the presence of all the other tissues.

At a very simple level, this 'adaptability' of living tissues accounts for how our body adapts to different environments, and even to how a simple cut can heal.

It is the process of adaption to the surroundings of a given tissue or 'part' of the 'whole' organism that is so amazing and magical, and is what is responsible for the adaptability and creation of life itself!

In short, inanimate 'parts' of 'whole' objects remain the same, both structurally (physically) and functionally, when combined together.

However, the living tissue 'parts' of which living organisms are composed...these 'parts' change continuously in both structure and function as they are brought together, and do so depending upon the circumstances under which they have been brought together, a variety of circumstances which can number in the tens of thousands!

So, no wonder when I work on a given muscle or part of my body, I realize that as it changes, it changes all other parts of my body. And as those other 'parts' change, they in turn likewise change all other parts of the body...and on and on and on...the changing of all parts by parts, endlessly!

By tapping into this adaptive ability of living tissues you have amazing control over the processes of life itself, heretofore never thought to be under our voluntary control!

My transformation and maintenance of a youthful appearance is only the tip the iceberg when it comes to the control we can have over our bodies.

To me, my transformation was just the beginning of a whole new world of understanding of how living tissue can be adapted and change. We see evidence of such adaptability over and over again, but few of us have realized the widesperad and amazing significance of how vast its effects and in turn its rewards can be!

Normally we think of changing muscles by exercising, and somewhat we think of being able to prevent the demineralization of bone

...but with these principles which I've discovered and been trying to figure out, we'd be able--to one degree or another--to change muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage...as well as the function and structure of the heart and cardiovascular system, and the blood vessels throughout the body...and the lungs, boths structurally and functionally...

...and various other organs and tissues throughout the body from the liver, and the kidneys, to the gastrointestinal tract and the nervous system...improving and bringing back that which had been deteriortating with age such as balance, coordination, reaction time, proper postures of the body...

...and of course this is not to forget changes structurally, chemically and neurologically, and functionally within the brain, and actually within the mind...'feelings' of well being, positivity, self assurance, relief and management of stress, anxiety, and depression...

...and the ability to sense internal 'feelings' within the body, which in turn help to change the body...

...and of course, let's not forget the skin...

...and so on, and on and on...

...the mind changing the body, and in turn the body changing the mind, in a reciprocal and symbiotic relationship, one helping and enhancing the other. After all, like I pointed out in "Who Is Dr. Alterwein," the mind and the body are really 'one.'

So now you know. This is just what I have been doing...and how I've been changing my body and my mind...the added strength of mind giving me added ability to change my body...and with relatively great results so far! And now I'd like to be able to try to teach these principles to you...

...That's what this web site is all about!


Progressive Adaptation & Progressive Deadaptation

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